Twin Springs Gypsy Cobs

The Boys of Twin Springs

Twin Springs Orion (Ryan)

Galifray's Luti x Chatto Creek Ronan

DOB: 16 September 2017


Black tobiano purebred gypsy cob colt, Ryan is our first purebred foal bred by Twin Springs, he has a sweet and kind nature, great conformation and a beautiful and correct movement. Ryan was named in honour of my father who I use to star gaze with and our favourite constellation 'Orion'. Ryan was born on a stormy night and as he was delivered I looked up and there inbetween the clouds was Orion, the mighty hunter an always constant in the night sky. Ryan has 3 whorles on his forehead which is very befitting his name with Orion (the constellation) having 3 main stars on his belt.

I expect Ryan to mature around 14.1hh+ he is currently offered for sale to an approved loving home, and will be registered with NZGCA before leaving us.

Twin Springs Da'Vinci

Gallifray Clara x Chatto Creek Ronan

DOB: 30 November 2017

Black purebred gypsy cob colt, Da'Vinci is unique and rare being that he has no white markings and a true solid black. He was my wish list in every possible way and never in a million years did I think my dreams would come true with the arrival of this stunning boy, he has it all, beautiful movement, conformation, bone and a temperament to die for. He is the future of Twin Springs and will be retained as a future stud. He has in his back ground some amazing lines, The Hustler, The Paddy Horse, Sids Good Stallion, The Lob to name just a few.

I'm delighted with this wee man and can't wait to see him fully matured, I have no doubt he will make a magnificant stallion.

Genetic testing EE (Carries only the black gene) DNA verified parentage and PSSM negative. Expected maturity height 13.3hh +