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Twin Springs Gypsy Cobs

A little bit about how we came to be and what we hope for the future....

Twin Springs Gypsy Cobs, literally all started cause of this gorgeous wee pony pictured above with my eldest daughter Alycia, Gallifray Clara.

It was just over a year ago now that I decided it was time to find a ponies for my three children, aged 11, 9 and 2 years. I myself have been riding since I was probably 6 or 7 and had two purebred Arabs, but those who know Arabs know that they can be quite spirited horses and not always the easiest to handle at the best of times, my two eldest daughters had been lead quietly around on them but their confidence was not really there and as a mum I really wanted to find that special pony that hopefully could help with my daughters confidence, truly be safe around, and would be great to teach them to ride. Enter Clara.

It was the photos posted with the advert offering Clara for sale that got me straight away, I knew little about Gypsy Cobs in fact nothing at all. They were magical to look at with their long flowing manes and those fluffy legs (called feathers), but what got me was the sense of calmness in their nature. In one of the photos was 

Clara's Dam Luti (who we are lucky to now own also), she had a young boy of 4 onboard and in another picture Clara's Sire Valentino, a gorgeous solid black stallion with yet another youngster happily sitting on his back, in just a halter in the paddock! What stallion would do that! I was sold and couldn't wait to find out more about the breed and to arrange to meet Clara fast enough. She was just 8 months old when we went to see her and here she was in the paddock this huge fluffy teddy bear, happily wandered over to greet us and although a youngster, she was just so calm around us all that I had to bring her home.

Clara far exceeded what I could have ever hoped for, she has a kindness in her eyes, like a loving old soul, she's so calm and gentle around the children and so surprising being so young, which I have learned now is very much part of the breed, I couldn't help but fall in love with her and started looking more into these beautiful horses.

I've found the gypsy cobs have a temperament that is truly amazing, and so great for children of all ages to be around and adults alike, Clara showed me just that and that's what got me thinking and how my new adventure began. We sold up from living in Auckland City a year ago and brought 12 acres out by Woodhill forest, I endeavoured to start a riding school for children and allowing people to come and visit with our beautiful cobs which is now well on its way. We have eight beautiful purebred gypsy cobs at Twin Springs including our gorgeous stallion Chatto Creek Ronan who has exceeded all our expectations and the sire to some beautiful progeny and our future stallions Twin Springs Da'Vinci (who is a very rare solid black purebred gypsy cob with no white markings), and our black partbred Anglo Arab x Gypsy Cob, Twin Springs Amir, who has some exceptional lines (jumping and dressage) so have no doubt will grow into a stunning sport horse type in the future.

My plans here at Twin Springs is the cross of my two much loved breeds, the Arab and the Gypsy Cob and I have to say so far it has proven a huge success, they have complimented each other and created a beautiful horse with a soft and willing temperament of the gypsy cob and the elegant movement and refineness of the arab with a bit more bone that the cob brings to the mix. I'm excited to see the horses I've bred from this match develop and mature, I believe they have a huge future out there as a true all round versatile horse and a great showing career ahead of them.

"You create a special and unique relationship with a horse, and these gypsy cobs, part or purebred, always have a sense of creating calmness in a chaotic life sometimes."